I was born and raised in the Baltimore area.  My family intoduced me to boating on the Chesapeake Bay when I was 11 years old.  This event changed my life.  I immediately loved the water, boats and boating.  All of my spare time was spent around boats and marinas.  My curiousity propelled me to become what I refer to as a "student of boats".

As a youngster, the first boat of my own was a 7- foot "SportYak" with a sturdy pair of wooden oars.  I quickly "moved up" to a 12 foot aluminum rowboat with a 3 HP outboard.  Then at age 18
I purchased my first "big" boat, a 30 foot wooden 1963 Pacemaker cruiser.  I was hooked for life!

After a successful 18 year career as the owner of an Interior Design related business, I decided to pursue a career that followed my passion.  With no previous yacht sales experience I started Bayport Yachts in December 1989.

Now, after more than 25 years of selling boats and tons of transactions with happy customers, I can truly say that I still love what I do and look forward to coming to work (almost) every day!

It's really easy to be good at something that you love.
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